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Joe Lucky is an Artist

As the title states, I consider myself an artist. I do a lot of different things and I'm currently developing a place where I can store all of these things. That so happens to be the site you're currently viewing. WELCOME! To my experimental site where I will unload my artistic expression. I wish only to point people to a place where they can find me. 

As you've browsed through the site I'm sure you've noticed a lot of axes...well, that is my current project. You can see more about it below. 

As another reminder, this site will change and grow over time as will I. My taste will change and my body will age along with my mind. One day you may like what I am making and others maybe not so much. But nevertheless don't forget I am a human and only wish to entertain myself and if I make you smile, laugh, or any other emotion then you're welcome. 

The simplified story of my name

Joe Lucky: My name is Joseph and I choose to go by Joe or Jojo. Lucky is the other half and this is why...Do you remember that phrase

"Happy Go Lucky"

Well through out my life people I've met, to family members, all the way to dear friends seem to have all met one day and decided to tell me "Joe you're so happy go lucky...How can you even be sad?" 

The name has never been anything about Luck or that I'm Lucky, because I beg to differ. I'm a huge believer that if you prepare, then one day you will collide with opportunity. If that's luck , then sure, I'm damn Lucky. 

P.S. When I say "prepare" think of it as Hard Work. 

Buy an axe and name it kindness. 

Buy an axe and name it kindness. 

Current Project: Joe's Axe

I call this a project but understand that this project will never end. It has no end date in mind and I do not intend on stopping...I'll do this in the afterlife too.

"Joe's Axe" is based around my love and passion for Axes. It's that simple...but if I need to write more...

I enjoy axes so much that I want to give a bit of my life into a lot of them. I want to engrave axes with art and share them with others. Making an axe, engraving the metal, engraving the wood, treating it and then giving it to someone...the look that crosses over their face...priceless. That right there, the act of giving is so incredibly powerful. To receive an axe, to me, it is just mindblowing...It leaves people, as well as me cause you know...I'm a person too, just speechless. I honestly make these because they make people happy. So buying one is like buying a bit of my dream. 

Joe Lucky is an Artist and wants to work with you. 

Joe Lucky is an Artist and wants to work with you.'re an Artist too...

Like seriously, just contact me and tell me your idea! Maybe, just maybe, we can create the most beautiful work together!  

Dame Dynamite, 2016

Dame Dynamite, 2016


This is what I do and will always do. This is a passion and I love it. 
I can't really place my finger on it, but it's like that name that sits on the tip of your just can't figure it out but you know that it was meant for you. That's photography to me.