After receiving your order we will contact you personally in 1-5 business days and you’ll confirm your order. We will send you an invoice of 50% (a half of the order’s price) deposit. The other (50%) will have to be paid when the ordered item(s) are prepared for shipping. The first deposit locks your name in the order list and it is unrefundable.

The average waiting time for an Axe is about 1 month. 

Once that is paid we will begin work on it. After some time the order will be completed and we will contact you again for the second deposit and shipping costs. Once that is paid, and your order is packaged and shipped, we will send along shipping and tracking information. Please note our wait times on all orders and reservations. For questions please contact us. 

Click here to contact. 


We do a lifetime warranty on all of our creations. If there is a failure with our product, then we will repair or replace it for free. If it is a replacement, then that will take time as everything does. 


Shipping cost depends on the weight of the order and the country it is shipped to. When the order is sent out to you, we will send you the tracking number as an approval of the shipment.


If you are a Retailer in search of a custom product then please fill out this form and we will respond 1-5 Days. Click here for forum