Growing up in South Carolina I become very interested in photography. I also made short films around this time. Anything I could create made my imagination run wild. This set the foundation for me to become curious about the pursuit of photography. It certainly is a passion of mine. And I'm here to share it . These are just moments in life that I have polished, in a manner of speaking.

Photography is about observation. Observation that leads to Creative snippets of time. 
I document what I see. 

Portrait Photography


I love portraits. They are timeless. 

Dance Photography


Dance is just grand to watch. I started down the path of dance one night when I found my way to a swing dance event at 2 in the morning.  I had never danced before until then. I was only 21 years old when I was in there stumbling like a fool just trying to act somewhat cool. 


I'm a dog lover. They have surely made an impact on my life. They are like little kings and queens. 


Places I've been and Seen. 

Photo Projects

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